General South-dakota Information
Capital: Pierre Largest City: Sioux Falls
Demonym: South Dakotan Population: Ranked 46th in the US 781,919
South-dakota State Flag: south-dakota state flag South-dakota State Seal: south-dakota state seal
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South-dakota map

South Dakota is rich in history!

Prehistoric beasts. World-famous pioneers. Native American and Wild West legends. All called South Dakota home at one time. When you visit South Dakota, you will discover thousands of years of history in our abundant fossil fields. Walk in the footsteps of legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Or experience American Indian heritage first hand at a pow wow.

If you're interested in what lies beneath the surface, you'll love exploring South Dakota's ancient past. Fossils of extinct species, giant wooly mammoths and dinosaur bones have been discovered in South Dakota's fertile fields. A visit to one of our bone zones is an experience you'll never forget.

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