General Georgia Information
Capital: Atlanta Largest City: Atlanta
Demonym: Georgian Population: Ranked 24th in the US
59,425 sq mi
Georgia State Flag: georgia state flag Georgia State Seal: georgia state seal
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Georgia map

History of the state flag(s) of Georgia

In the 500 years since Columbus landed in the Americas, many flags have flown over Georgia. Because of its location, climate, natural resources, and vast tracts of arable lands, Spain, France, and England competed with rival claims over the territory of present day Georgia. All that changed in 1776, however, when the American colonies united to throw off the yoke of foreign power and a new nation proudly hoisted its own flag.

Old glory fluttered and snapped in the winds over the United States for 85 years until ominous winds began to blow and the nation was divided. Many changes have occurred in our flags throughout the years and the Stars and Stripes that we salute today bears no resemblance to Georgia's first flag - the Royal Banner of Ferdinand and Isabella of the late 15th century.

The following links showcase important flags associated with Georgia's history as a territorial claim, as a colony, and finally as a state and should offer a better understanding of the role flags have always played, and continue to play, in the history and culture of our state and nation.

History of flags:

Spanish Cross of Burgundy Flag, c. 1520-1785 England's St. George's Cross Flag, c. 1277-1707 French National Flag, c. 1370-1600 Great Britain's Union Flag, 1606-1801 British Ensign, 1707-1801 Flags of the American Independence Movement Grand Union Flag, 1775-1777 U.S. National Flag, 1777-1795 U.S. Flag, 1795-1818 U.S. Flag Since 1960 Secession Flags, 1860-1861 First National Flag of the Confederacy, 1861-1863 Confederate Battle Flag, 1861-1865 Second National Flag of the Confederacy, 1863-1865 Third National Flag of the Confederacy, 1865 Georgia State Flag, Before 1879 Georgia State Flag, 1879-1902 Georgia State Flag, c. 1902-1906 Georgia State Flag, c. 1906-1920 Georgia State Flag, c. 1920-1956 Georgia State Flag, c. 1956-2001 Georgia State Flag, Current

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